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How Sendloop Studio helps your agency to become more effective

Sendloop Studio

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Neat and tailor-made dashboard for your agency to manage all the your clients' email campaigns.

No matter how many clients you have, switch between them with a single key press.

Full accountability. Detailed activity logging. See who's doing what and when.

Detailed campaign reports to help you provide insightful reports to your clients.

100% designed and developed agencies in-mind.

Creating a mobile-friendly and beautiful email without asking help from a developer or designer.

Audience management portal with powerful segmentation that helps you target your campaigns more precisely.

API access for third party service integration.

One-on-one training and assistance from the team via email, live chat and Zoom video calls.

Regular updates to keep your agency and clients ahead of the game.

Built-in audience list hygiene and verification to protect your client reputation

Quick audience import tool

7 day trial

60 day no-questions asked money back guarantee

Email Marketing Best Practices for 2019

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