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14th November 2018


  • Ability to filter audience based on suppressions
  • Ability to mark a person as suppressed
  • Campaign drop metrics for suppressions
  • Campaign recipient segment for suppressions

13rd November 2018


  • Audience search API end-point is added
  • Client inventory list API end-point is added

8th November 2018


  • Policy related bounce processing type is added to segmentation
  • Subscription source based segmentation rules

23rd October 2018


Two new API end-points have been deployed.

  • Audience member update API end-point has been released
  • Audience member retrieve API end-point has been released

1st October 2018


We focused on adding advanced subscription integration options to the system.

  • Customizable subscription settings has been released
  • API management dashboard has ben released
  • Subscription API end-point has been released

10th September 2018


  • Customizable unsubscription settings has been released

13rd August 2018


  • Improvements made to the drag-n-drop email builder
  • 20+ Ready-to-use email templates have been released

31st July 2018


  • The first version of Sendloop Studio has been released today ๐ŸŽ‰
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