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Email Marketing Best Practices for 2019
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[Case Study] How Konsist manages the email marketing campaigns of dozens of clients every day:

Konsist, located in Palm Springs, California, was managing its client email marketing accounts separately, and it was a time-intensive process to switch back and forth between accounts to manage campaigns.

Konsist is now managing all client accounts, assets, and campaigns under one roof. Its productivity is maximized by 100%, and it can deliver results for clients faster and in a better way.

“The Sendloop Studio team is so awesome to work with; they got us 100% productivity boost on our email marketing services.” – Adnan LaPamuk

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Adnan LaPamuk
Adnan LaPamuk
Agency Owner, Konsist
Palm Springs

[Case Study] How Connected Pictures streamlined its email marketing campaigns:

Connected Pictures from London was looking for an easy-to-use email marketing platform for its own initiatives, such as The Beautiful Truth. The agency also was looking for a hands-on and experienced team that would help its email marketing campaigns succeed.

Connected Pictures streamlined its monthly email marketing campaigns and also organized its audience under one roof. With the help of the powerful audience management portal, the marketers can target new email campaigns for specific audience groups quickly. Connected Pictures built its email marketing strategy and put it into action in less than a few weeks.

“Sendloop Studio’s platform helped us to build a robust and continuous email marketing strategy. This was the biggest change and helped us to build a strong connection with our audience.” – Christine de León

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Christine de Leon
Christine de León
Head of Content, Connected Pictures

Meet the Sendloop Studio Team

A group of email marketing enthusiasts whose mission is to help agencies become heroes for their clients.

Cem Hurturk

Cem Hurturk

Cem is a co-founder of Sendloop Studio. He's passionate about building new businesses and solutions for real-world problems. Cem is also the co-founder of PreviewMyEmail (acquired by SMTP, Inc.).

Begum Bekdemir

Begum Bekdemir

Begum's passionate about reaching out to customers, developing new customers, and onboarding them successfully.

Gurhan Isik

Gurhan Isik

Gurhan is a pro when it comes to sales and outreach. He's responsible for connecting with agencies and getting them onboard.

Mert Hurturk

Mert Hurturk

Mert is a co-founder of Sendloop Studio. He develops our products, adds new features to make our products even better, and leads our projects. Mert is also co-founder of PreviewMyEmail (acquired by SMTP, Inc.).

Levent Ogut

Levent Ogut

Levent is the man who keeps all our servers up and secured. He takes care of hundreds of servers.

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Learn the Email Marketing Best Practices for 2019 and achieve higher inbox delivery rates!

0 downloads and counting
Email Marketing Best Practices for 2019

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