The smart choice in email marketing. Here's why:

Only the features you need to run highly effective email marketing campaigns for your clients

Switching between client accounts shouldn't be so difficult

On Sendloop Studio, it's only a matter of key press... No matter how many clients you manage, switch between them without going back and forth and getting lost between browser windows.

Switch clients quickly

Creating an email campaign for your client should be quick and fun

Sendloop Studio gives you the right tool, to build beautiful and mobile friendly email campaigns. Best of all, you don't need to have technical skills to build email campaigns that your clients will love.

Send to the right audience. For example, send to recipients who haven't opened the previous email campaign.

Email Marketing Platform for Agencies

Create beautiful and mobile friendly email newsletters with the drag-n-drop editor. You don't need to be a coder.

Keep your client updated with detailed email campaign reports which are accessible with a single click.

Not sure about email addresses in your list? We cover you.

Sendloop Studio's one-click email address verification feature keeps you in good standing with authorities. Avoid potential delivery problems before they arise!

Dig into powerful features

Save time and make your clients happier with powerful yet easy-to-use email marketing features.

Email Campaign Management

Drag-n-drop email builder

Create your email in minutes by dragging content blocks. No need to write a single line of HTML code.

Custom email templates

Create and save your email designs as templates for each client account. Re-use your email designs with a single click.

Detailed campaign reporting

Transparency is our core value. Get valuable metrics about your email campaigns such as delivery times, open rates and opt-outs.

Scheduled campaign deliveries

Schedule your email campaigns to be sent at a certain time in the future. Schedule and forget.


Increase success and conversion rate of your email campaign by personalizing your email content.

Robust email delivery platform

Sendloop Studio is one of the biggest email delivery platform with ~15,000 IP addresses. Never worry about deliverability.

Subscriber and List Management

Isolated subscriber data

Store and isolate your subscribers for each client account.

Dynamic subscriber segments

Create dynamic segments based on subscriber meta data or specific events.

Subscriber custom fields

Store more info about your subscribers and use this info to target or personalize your email campaigns. 

Easy subscriber import

No matter how many subscribers you have, you can quickly import them into Sendloop Studio.

One click data export

Whenever you need, export your data to your computer with a single click.

GDPR friendly

Get consent on your opt-in forms and let your subscribers opt-out with a single click.


Detailed activity logging

As the agency or team owner, know who did what and when on your team.

User roles and permissions

Invite your team members to Sendloop Studio and assign different roles to them.

GDPR friendly

Know who accesses to your client data and what’s being done with it.

Customer Service

Personal assistance

There’s no helpdesk between our agency partners and us when it comes to customer service. We can be reached by email or via zoom call.

Help portal

Our help portal has all answers to popular questions asked by our agency partners. Learn email marketing essentials or how to use Sendloop Studio quickly.

Zoom calls

When you need one-to-one assistance or guidance from Sendloop Studio team, simply schedule a zoom call for a personal webinar. We will be happy to assist you.

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"Sendloop Studio's platform helped us to build a robust and continuous email marketing strategy. This was the biggest change and helped us to build a strong communication with our audience."
Christine de Leon
Christine de León
Head of Content, Connected Pictures

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100% Customer Satisfaction

60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Personal Support Service

Get one-to-one video call sessions for training.

No Commitments

No long-term commitments or contracts.

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