Are You Aware Of The Change In Agency World? Learn How Email Marketing Will Transform Your Agency

Are You Aware Of The Change In Agency World

How to make your agency email marketing hero and help your clients succeed

Something weird is happening in the agency world… No matter how amazing work you create for your clients, the rate of client retention is declining. That’s right… Clients of agencies are less likely to stick on one agency in these days. But why is that happening? What’s the reason behind this decline?

My name is Cem Hurturk and I’m in email marketing space for 20 years. I’ve built several email marketing platforms for agencies and have in-depth experience and observations on agencies that do it right and wrong.

What makes you so special for your clients?

Let’s get back to the topic. Have you ever thought why your clients are working with you? What makes you so special for your clients? Why don’t they switch to another agency which offers the same set of services at an affordable cost? Have you made a list of your clients and written the #1 reason they prefer you, next to each client?

Businesses, especially small businesses no longer want to deal with several vendors for the solutions and services they need.

Branding, design, website administration, copywriting, email marketing, audience management, social media management, etc. Too many vendors to deal with, right?

Different vendors, different service qualities, different pricing… Too many things to think and deal with on the small business side.

Something they have been wishing for several years is getting real! Agencies who discover this desire, are taking actions and providing solutions to their customers. First, it started with social media management, right? Then it continued with website content copywriting, then search engine optimization is added to the list and now they want their agencies to take action and get involved in marketing!

As you will guess, these agencies that provide 360 degrees services to their clients have higher client retention. For those who don’t know what client retention is, it’s the rate of clients that stay with the agency over time.

On the other hand, agencies who don’t realize this coming change, they are about to lose the majority of their clients to agencies that provide more services than you, no matter how small that agency is, its chance of acquiring your client is increasing if they provide more services than you.

Of course, this opportunity, this change comes with a challenge. Unless you -the agency owner- find right platforms to resell to your clients, you will struggle to turn your agency into a 360-degrees agency. Because in-efficiency on your service offerings will make your team exhausted and de-motivated. That’s why it’s very important to learn what steps are agencies that do this change right following…

Well, it’s easier to see this change as a person who’s working with hundreds of agencies in North America as well as all around the world. I’ve been talking with agency founders on this topic for a while and when I explain the dreams that their clients have, they start to see the opportunity (and also coming threat towards them).

By the way, it’s not that hard to add value-added services to your agency. It’s easier (and cheaper) than you think actually. All you have to do is to find the right solution partners for your agency.

When you start providing new services to your clients, services that solve their real problems, your clients will stick on you. Why should they choose another vendor when there’s an agency they trust that provides the same service.

Also, don’t forget that your competitors will have less chance to get into the minds of your clients and get them from you. Why? Because you solve more problems with your clients than any other agency. Why should they leave you?

Make the change for your agency, understand the pains of your clients and provide solutions to them.

Make the change for your agency, understand the pains of your clients and provide solutions to them. Don’t afraid of failing on offering those new services. If you find the right solution partner, there’s no reason to fail, does that make sense?

Just to repeat… The business world is changing. Your clients are changing. They are struggling with choosing several different vendors for their needs. They are looking for a way to work with just one vendor that does everything for them, which they can rely on. Be that agency, without spending a fortune and getting lost!

I hosted a webinar about turning your agency into email marketing hero for your clients and help your clients succeed in email marketing. In this webinar, you learn;

  1. How to choose the right email marketing platform
  2. How to manage your clients and their assets under one roof
  3. How to manage their audience
  4. How to make money from your email marketing service

Email Marketing For Agencies Webinar

Watch my free webinar to learn more about how to become an email marketing hero and make your client succeed. In just 4 steps, you will learn how to do it in the right way.

Watch the replay of my webinar and learn how you can transform your agency, become an email marketing hero and make your clients succeed.

Several agencies watching this webinar turned their agencies into email marketing service quickly and started providing highly-effective email marketing services to their clients. Konsist Agency from Palm Springs, California, Ocelott Agency from London, Connected Pictures from London, Gricreative from Turkey is just a few examples of these changes. You will learn what kind of change they had in my webinar also.

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