We make agency life effortless with a Sendloop Studio account

Not an email developer? Never mind.

Sendloop Studio covers it! Studio has over +50 ready-to-use responsive email templates to serve you with a clear experience. Or help your self worlds best drag&drop editor for more templates.

An easy to use single dashboard

Manage all of your clients in an easy-to-use single dashboard. Sendloop Studio team will support your customer on-boarding process in every step of your journey.

Machine Learning Backed Deliverability

Agencies will love this Sophisticated & ML Backed Deliverability Service. Sendloop Studio takes care about your clients IP reputation with Blacklist, spam traps and real-time IP monitoring technology.

Trusted by hundreds of digital agencies, all around the globe.

Why Sendloop Studio?

For digital agencies only

Sendloop Studio is designed for digital agencies, to save their time and help them manage email marketing campaigns easily.

20+ years expertise

Sendloop Studio is proudly developed by the makers of Sendloop, Octeth and PreviewMyEmail (acquired).

Cost effective

Have access to professional email marketing features at a fraction of price. Keep your clients happier with better email marketing.

Take a look at key email marketing features for agencies

No more wasting time and energy when switching between your client accounts. Create and manage your client accounts easily.

No matter how many client accounts you have, with a single keyboard shortcut, you can switch between your client accounts without loosing where you are. 

As the agency or team owner, you have full control over your email marketing platform. Know who did what and when. Sendloop Studio stores detailed activity log of each event happening on your email marketing platform.

Sendloop Studio’s import tool is quick, easy-to-use and powerful. No matter how many subscribers you have, import them quickly. Import unlimited profile data along with the email address and use this data to personalize or segment your campaigns.

It’s fun to create smart segments, filter your subscribers and manage them on a single screen. Access to subscriber profile, events and list on the same page. Save your smart segments or pass your segment subscribers through list verification.

Create beautiful email campaigns for your clients quickly. No coding skills required. No mobile compatibility checks required. Drag-n-create your email campaign. Drag-n-upload your images. Make your clients’ email campaign ready in minutes.

Get detailed email campaign reports such as opens, clicks, opt-outs, spam complaints and more. Sendloop Studio’s core value is 100% transparency. Get detailed and transparent delivery reports as well. The time required to send your messages, acceptance rate, etc.

Export your subscribers data to your computer with a single click. You can export all your subscribers or smart segment results with a single click.

Do you have concerns about the quality of your list? Is it an old list? Pass it through Sendloop Studio’s email verification service with a single click. Filter out invalid email addresses. Keep your email delivery reputation maximized with Sendloop Studio’s email list verification service. Even you can resell this service to your clients.

Create unlimited email templates for different purposes. Each client account will have access to its’ email templates and assets. Let your team members use one of the available templates to create and send beautiful email templates.

Sendloop Studio has one of the biggest email delivery infrastructure in the world. With almost 15,000 email delivery IP addresses, we have the opportunity to provide you the highest quality and the highest performance delivery platform. But if you have your own delivery platform or use a third party service such as Mailgun, you can use it with Sendloop Studio.

Sendloop Studio is 100% whitelabel. Rebrand under your own agency identity and provide professional email marketing services to your clients.

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